NO dish,   set  up   and receive   UK  TV  in minutes!

What we offer is UK TV on your HD TV screen in SPAIN.


A quick guide to UK TV in Spain.
hen the question comes to get UK live TV channels on your HD screen in your home in Spain the choice is between a broadband HD TV reciever, satellite reception or web streaming TV online services.

The Broadband HD
"dish free" receiver is growing in popularity as the BBC Astra satellite signal is quite weak and hard to get specially in the South of Spain.

You know it - if you go travelling outside the UK, or choose to live abroad for a while,
the British TV providers make it very difficult for you to stay connected.
The catch-up and live tv services
such as BBC iplayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 etc which you normally get for free at home become geo-restricted, meaning only people currently in the United Kingdom can access them.
The solution is this new technology HD TV receiver which gives you all UK Freeview
LIVE TV channels, such as BBC One, BBC Two, ITV etc and your favorite series straight to your HD TV screen in Spain or wherever you have access to decent internet.  And the most important - it can also record ( optional ). This is the perfect TV receiver for the holiday home in Spain. You can take just one month of service only at EUR 14.95  and pay only for the few months time you spend there. No annual engagement, you can turn on and off the service through your online account. it is Ideal also for rented properties so visitors can have some access to live british tv durring their stay. Find out more, ask for our documentation here it includes full details, channel lists, prices and other useful information to help you choose the right for your needs TV system.
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How can I be sure it will work for me?
To avoid dissapointment you must first
mesure  your real internet speed. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and press the "make speed test" blue button. If you see a result of 3 Mb/sec or higher it will work for you.
See different ways
of connecting the Broadband receiver, check "more details"

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What we offer is  UK TV via internet


A  payment  of EUR 195 gives you all the freeview british television you would like to have in your home in Spain. it is quite easy to connect yourself so actually no engineers are needed, It is also possible to view two different TV channels on two different screens in your home. LEARN MORE about this exclusive device, how it works and how to connect yourself on your existing spanish ISP. This device will also work in Portugal, Malta, France and wherever you can have access to high speed internet.
See different ways to connect
this device, check "more details"

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